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No, notaries cannot give legal advice. The role of a notary is to serve as an impartial witness to the signing of documents, verify the identity of the signers, and ensure the voluntary nature of the signatures. Notaries do not have the authority to provide legal advice or interpret the content of the documents they notarize. Providing legal advice requires a legal background and the appropriate professional qualifications, which notaries typically do not possess.

If individuals need legal guidance or have questions about the content of their documents, they should consult with an attorney or a legal professional. It's important for notaries to maintain the boundaries of their role and refrain from offering legal advice to avoid potential legal and ethical issues. If a signer has legal questions, it's advisable to recommend that they seek the assistance of a qualified attorney.
There are three possible ways for a notary to verify the identity of a signer: personal knowledge, credible witness, or ID documents. Only one of these is necessary before performing the notarization; however, a notarial officer may require an individual to provide additional information or identification credentials necessary to confirm the identity of the individual. A notary should accept a statutorily valid means of identification, unless there is a question of fraud or forgery. The criteria for valid identification are:

Personal Knowledge—In order to claim that a notary personally knows the signer, there should be:
  • A long-term relationship. You cannot use personal knowledge as identification for someone the boss introduced you to this morning.
  • Sufficient breadth of knowledge. You should know more about the individual than what a nodding acquaintanceship would bring.
  • Reasonable certainty. You must have no reasonable doubt in your mind that the signer is who they claim to be. The test is: Would you be willing to swear to it in court?

  • Credible Witness—the notary relies on the testimony of someone who swears that they personally know the signer. In order to use the credible witness as identification:
  • The notary must either personally know the witness or get satisfactory evidence of the witness’s identity through an approved identification document that has not been expired more than three years.
  • The witness must personally know the signer.
  • Both witness and signer must be present during notarization.
  • Witness must take an oath from the notary.
  • Witness should sign the journal and provide his or her full name and contact address.
  • Witness should be honest, competent, and impartial.
Acceptable ID documents in Oregon:
  • Driver License or ID card from any state, or
  • Driver Instructional Permit or Nonexpired, Temporary Driver License or ID card
  • U.S. or Foreign (recognized) passport
  • U.S. Military ID cards
  • ID from a federally recognized Indian tribe
Yes, scheduling an appointment ensures that a notary is available to meet your needs promptly.
As a dedicated Mobile Notary Public, I understand the importance of accessibility for all clients. I am pleased to offer notarization services for individuals who may be incarcerated in jails, prisons, or correctional facilities. My commitment extends to providing convenient and confidential notary services at the location that best serves your needs. If your client is currently incarcerated, please reach out to discuss the details, and I will make arrangements to travel to the facility for efficient and secure notarization.
As a Mobile Notary Public serving Salem, Oregon, I am dedicated to ensuring accessibility for your notarization needs. I am pleased to offer my services beyond my local area, extending my commitment to convenience. Whether you're in a neighboring town or a different region, I am ready to travel to your preferred location. Please reach out to discuss your requirements and schedule an appointment.
As a dedicated Mobile Notary Public based in Salem, Oregon, I provide on-the-go notarization services at your convenience. I operate without a physical office, ensuring flexibility in meeting your document notarization needs. Contact me to schedule an appointment at a location convenient for you.
    Revised Price List:
  • Trust Package: $195-$250
  •  Real Estate Package: $195-$250
  •  Will Package: $95-$150
  •  Witness Service: $50 per witness
  •  Other Documents: $75 (within Salem area)
A valid government-issued ID, such as a driver's license or passport, is typically required for notarization.

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Notarys are not attorneys and are not permitted to provide ANY legal advice

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